Gettin’ GIPHY With It

Press Oct 30, 2020

We’re always looking for ways to enhance Clash for our users, and today we’re excited to share our first partnership, exclusively for our creators. Earlier this week we launched an integration with GIPHY, bringing a whole new world of animation to our platform, including GIPHY’s brand new feature for text animation.

While our world continues to rely on digital communication and online connection, we know that this integration is going to inspire creators, and level up their content in brand new ways. In addition to bringing new life to what creators are making on Clash, this integration allows creators to express themselves more fully — no more trying to interpret meaning from cryptic text! Even the most basic text can be interpreted more fully with GIPHY on Clash — we can definitely tell the difference between a sparkling “K” and a passive-aggressive flaming “K.”

“Clash puts creators first and wants them to express the best of their creativity. We have worked with the talented team at GIPHY to bring you new innovative tools and let you express yourself even further,” said Jean-Baptiste Dominguez, Founder and CPO at Clash. “We can’t wait to see what you create on Clash."

We’re thrilled to be one of the first companies partnering with GIPHY for this new feature, and are eager to see what comes to life in our creator community — in the meantime check out what some of our earliest adopters have created so far!

Make sure to check out GIPHY’s official product announcement on their blog.

GIPHY SDK Debuts its Latest Service, GIPHY Text, with Select Launch Partners
GIPHY Engineering blog.



Among with Jean-Baptiste Dominguez

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