Hello Byte Community

Creators Feb 2, 2021

Hey Everyone!

To start, I’d like to express our entire team’s excitement in working with the community all of you have built on Byte. It is truly inspiring to see so many welcoming faces and comments on the Byte platform. To ensure that the community that you’ve built can continue to thrive, our team has been working hard alongside the Byte team to ensure that the next few weeks are as smooth as possible.

We are extremely lucky to work with experts in this space. The man who needs no introduction, Dom Hofmann, has been working directly with our founders and team to preserve the Byte vision, alongside Clash’s goal of bringing tools for creators to monetize and engage in new ways with their audiences. With this, Dom will serve as an advisor to our company, directly to our CEO, and remain an important friend of the Clash project. In addition, Clash has brought on some wonderful members to empower the Creators that will exist in the Byte + Clash era. Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian is not only an investor, but a powerful resource in helping us shape a product and team that works for all creators. In addition, we have added Karyn Spencer, formerly Head of Creators at Vine, as our Lead Creator Advisor. Karyn and our founders are committed to maintaining a safe, inclusive and fair creative experience within the Byte community, and beyond.

There are many questions about Clash being a creator monetization company. Let me assure you, as we begin to reveal our monetization tools in the near future, they will all be built for YOU, the creator.  As a creator you are a writer, director, producer, videographer, PR team and so much more. At Clash we want you to know that we understand the work you do as a creator. Many of our founders and team members have been there too. Our goal is to empower Creators, with the next generation of monetization tools and experiences, all centered around the people who love you as an individual.

Lastly, we recognize that a product is nothing without its community. With that, I want to express how grateful we are to all of you who have reached out to welcome us and the Clash users to the platform. Change is never easy, but worth it when we all work together. From each member of our team to you, we’re ready to get to work. Clash pledges to wholeheartedly work for you, the creator, making each moment together better.

Looking forward to continuing building something great together.

Corey [Community] and The Clash Team





A monetization company. We ❤️ Creators.

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